Monday, 9 September 2013

Curioser and Curioser!

Happy Monday everyone, although someone tell the weather! 

Actually we haven't done bad this year have we, there has been some lovely sunshine, just hope it's not the end!

I've blogged over at Indigoblu today, you can see my post here, I made a clock, with the White Rabbit stamp from one of the Alice in Wonderland plates from Indigoblu, and the fabulous Clockwork set.  Here is a sneak peak.

Just had a tidy up of the craft room, ready for the next round!  Did make this today though, it just needs finishing with a nice chain.  It's using Megaflakes and Flitterglu on black card, is set in a Rue Romantique bezel, and is sealed with a clear dome of Ice Resin, hasn't it domed beautifully?  It's a delicate piece, probably an inch and a half square in total, and I haven't decided how to hang it yet.


On another note, If you get Simply Card's and Papercraft magazine, issue 115 should be out around the 12th, and I'm really excited to be published for Indigoblu in this issue!  I can't wait to see it!

I've been working on another submission for another magazine, but can't tell you yet when that one is out as I don't even know myself.

If you are a crafter of any description, or love buying handmade, why not pop over to Creative Connections, and join like-minded people for Craftfest Autumn 2013.  You can join the Creative Connections gang as well, it's a huge community of people that promote each other tirelessly, have great fun, and can answer questions, or just be there for a chat.  Creative Crafting magazine is also published here.

Well there are a few things for you to check out, I'm off now to see what else I can start making, although that's all I seem to do, start. . .then not finish! 

Have a great week all,

Nikki K