Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Merfly!

Well Happy New Year everyone, I've been busy letting my mind roam free for a while, and the result is. . . 'The Merfly'.  My first true mixed media Art piece using Polymer clay, Pan pastels, acrylic paints, Stamps, Flitterglu & Megaflakes from Indigo Blu at http://www.indigoblu.com, distress ink and much more.  My inspiration for The Merfly has to give credit to Christi Friesen at http://www.cforiginals.net

She has watch pieces, found objects, springs, brass headpins, and bead caps all set among the polymer clay.  She is dusted with Pearl-ex powder to add a lovely mermaid shimmer, and glazed to protect her and the artwork behind.

Am I going in a different direction?  I don't think so, just fulfilling what I have always wanted to do, design something from start to finish.  From this original piece of artwork, I will be making my own jewellery, using digitally altered parts of the image.

Print's will also be available- 'A Mermaid's Tale'  is the first in the series.  Resin Jewellery will be coming shortly, with added objects, of course!

The reason for posting this is to show how much fun working with different medium's is, in this case, mainly Polymer Clay.  If you want to know more about using Polymer Clay, please visit the British Polymer Guild Website at http://www.bpcg.org.uk where you will find lots of information, and regional groups to join if you would like to have a go yourself.

Now, where is my mind off to now I wonder. . . . . .

Best Wishes,