Friday, 1 November 2013

Proud to be published. .

Hi all, I just wanted to share a proud moment, I have been published again with the wonderful Kay Halliwell Sutton from Indigoblu, this is my whole page in Get Stamping Magazine, it's issue number 5 and is a lovely contemporary new Stamping magazine.  Kay has done two stunning projects on the previous pages as well.  You get a whole sheet of  stamps on the front every two months, so it's worth having! 
I got to play with my favourite medium, Ice Resin, for this issue, and also with Indigoblu Stamps and paints, but I won't give too much away, you'll have to buy it to find out how!

I'm also very excited about the week ahead, I will be at the NEC demonstrating on the Indigoblu stand at the ICHF events Hobbycrafts show, alongside Kay and Alfie.  As most of you know, Ice Resin is my preferred medium, although I love stamping, and combining the two is the best!  I'm also a jewellery maker, and love to see how I can bend the rules, or put things together that shouldn't work.  That's where the Ice Resin comes in, you can make tissue paper into fabulous shapes with wire and resin.

If you are coming, I hope you can pop by and say hello, and see Kay's brilliant demonstrations, and the great new products from Indigoblu. 


Nikki K
(Indigoblu Ice Queen)